In the far distant future three survivors of a doomed freighter find themselves on an uncharted planet where they stumble upon a deserted secret military base.

   As they search for a way to escape the planet they soon discover that the base has met a strange fate and that they are now confronted by an eldritch evil which hungers for their very souls!

   Join Sola the Human spy, Bob Lawyerman the five limbed Hiver and Rowsdower the Vargr as they attempt to save their lives and their sanity while being tormented by powers beyond their comprehension!

Angus McDonald is the Game Master and campaign designer

Jason Harding Plays as the Vargr Rowsdower a no nonsense former Naval Officer and Pirate.

SkarceKoherance plays as the human former spy Sola.

Matt plays  as the Hiver- former corporate lawyer Bob Lawyerman.

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