Welcome to the audio adventures of "Three for Adventure!" Thrill as we follow the  exploits of a half baked vivisectionist, a wary cat mage and a humorless paladin all at the mercy of a capricious gaming master! 

   TFA is the podcast version of the live Pathfinder game GM'd by Angus MacDonald and played by Jason Harding, Skarce Koherence and Matt on youtube on the A Very Public Spanking Channel. Listen stout traveller...if you dare.

Latest Episode

The Players

Angus McDonald plays as Tufty the Squirrel.

Jason Harding Plays as Manos of  Krankor a Lawful good Paladin of Brandon and is GM!

SkarceKoherance plays as Sola the Catfolk Sorcerer!

Matt plays as Elija J. Shuggs the four armed alchemist!

The Playlist