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Join two low ranking officers aboard a well known exploratory vessel as they break regulations and broadcast a behind the scenes podcast of what life is really like going where no one has gone before.

The characters

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Ensign S'Plunk

Three Quarters human former internal communications officer whose true love is an android piloted by an iguana with a human mind. Played by Jason harding

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Ensign Johnson

Ex-con and self perceived ladies man there isn't an assignment he can't get himself out of. Played by Steve Shives.

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Ensign Clifton

Half Betazoid science officer whose closest friends are 4 dolphins and a whale. Played by Dana Cole

Recurring Characters


Spot: A talking omni-powerful space dog


Steve's Mom: A devotee of 23rd century plastic surgery

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Met'al & Evius: Two friends from an aggresive space empire


Tina:  An iguana with a human mind inside an android body


Simon: An odd security officer with a secret


Plarb: Just a simple guy making his way in the galaxy


Baby: An entity living inside Ensign Johnson', body.


Harry: A notorious space scoundrel


Lenore: Former actress turned galactic threat

The Playlist