In a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest a radio show host investigates Cryptids but soon discovers that the town has a monster of it's own. American Monsters and how to destroy them is a serialized comedy, we recommend new listeners to start with the pilot episode!

In the pilot episode we meet disgraced cryptozoologist Bob Wilkins who adjusts to returning to his a home town that is not overly fond of him. His guest  Sam Witz is an expert on the simian cryptid the Argopelter.

Guest: Tavis Kammet

Tavis is an actor in the SF bay area. He received his B.A. in Drama from University of Exeter then he went and got his M.A. in Performance from the University of London Goldsmiths. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works as a Drama teacher.

Guest: Jamie Lee Currier

Jaimie hails from Gilmanton, NH and started teaching dance 20 years ago.  She has a BA in theatre from Oberlin College and has performed Off-Broadway.  Jaime loves to dance, sing, act, play ukulele, do acro-yoga, and brew tea.

As both Bob and the Town of Burlton continue to adjust to each other Bob interviews Darnie Bitts an expert on a wolf-like creature that terrorizes Wisconsin.

Guest: Bryce Allemann

Bryce is a Actor, playwrite and theatrical producer in the SF bay area. He is a co-founder of the Thunderbird Theatre Company and an avid cheese enthusiast.

There is a potential threat in Bob's own backyard! This episode he interviews Nathaniel Skuggs and opens a cryptid investigation...also there's Llama butter.

Bob Welcomes Julie Decker expert on the Batsqwatch to the show and the mystery in Burlton deepens.

Guest: Kathy Hicks

Kathy is a Actor, comedian, playwrite and theatrical producer in the SF bay area. She is a co-founder of the Thunderbird Theatre Company.

Guest: Jean Spinosa

Jeanis an actor, performance artist, writer, director, choreographer, costume designer/stylist, and live events producer. Her career has spanned three decades performing in countless plays, rock operas, bands, avante garde performance art pieces, and film. Spinosa spent four years as a member of the Thunderbird Theatre Company. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Spinosa has maintained a prolific live performance career and has become particularly noted for being the creator, producer, performer, costumer/stylist, and host of Wig Out! Get Your Wig On! ™ Now in its ninth successful year, Wig Out™ is a monthly performance art cabaret, live music, and dance party.

Bob encounters an unexpected guest to his radio show!

As an unidentified monster terrorizes the town Bob's guest is Burlton itself as he hosts his first call in show at the radio station. Featuring Steve Shives, Atticus Blake, Peter Finch, Jean Spinosa

Guest: Christine McClintock

Christine is a Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Producer and actor in the SF bay area. She has a Bachelor of Music in Composition, Music Composition from The Boston Conservatory and a Master of Music, Music Composition from San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

We learn about the Wampahoofus and about obsession and Bob makes a decision.

While Bob is lost in the Burlton forest searching for a menacing cryptid his ex-wife Cricket Finn-Wilkins hosts the radio show where she interviews the expert on the Enfield Horror Tyler Torvessen.

Guest: Jean Spinosa

Bob returns from the forest with secretive guest and a tale to tell that some people in Burlton do not want told.

Guest: Steve Shives

Steve is the popular YouTube video producer of the "5 stupid things about..." series who with Jason Harding created the "Late Seating" podcast. When not podcasting or creating videos Steve Shives is a screenwriter with Neon Reel Entertainment.

Bob confronts a fellow cryptozoologist who doesn't approve of his current objectives.

Guest: Claire Rice

Claire is a playwright and director in San Francisco.  Her newest play, "Purity" will be produced as part of Terror-Rama in October of 2016.  She is also the co-founder of Loud and Unladylike, a new works festival devoted to new plays about women in history. 

As Bob prepares for war with the monster that terrorizes his town he seeks advice from an old friend.

Guest: B. Warden Lawlor

Warden is a Bay Area Actor and Director.  He is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York.  When not on stage he enjoys baking, walking, breathing and sandalwood.

Bob investigates his families history and discovers more than he bargained for.

Guest: Jean Spinosa

Bob must fight to save Burlton from the rage of the Burl-man. Will he and the town survive? Featuring Steve Shives, Atticus Blake and Jean Spinosa

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